Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We Can Laugh Now Because Everyone Made It Out: Tweeting the Chilean Mine Rescue

In case you haven't been following Franklin Avenue's Twitter feed, here's a rundown of our take on the Chilean mine rescue story:

BP spokesman: "C'mon, everyone, instead of 33 Chilean miners, we just rescued 185 million gallons of oil from another well. You're welcome."

"Im'ma let ya finish rescuing those Chilean miners BUT BABY JESSICA WAS THE BEST WELL RESCUE OF ALL TIMES!" - Kanye

Scene from next week's "LOST CHILEAN MINERS": "The mine shaft wasn't done with us yet, Mario. We have to go back. WE HAVE TO GO BACK!"

So THAT'S what the Chilean miners found 2,000 feet underground: CNN's ratings!

Intrigued by the lack of strong female characters, Fincher and Sorkin announce plans to adapt "The Chilean Mine Network."

Sad news: Chilean miners confirm that the crops in their unharvested Farmville plots have died.

OK, I think I know the answer, but I gotta ask: After the Chilean Miners are all rescued, can we send the cast of "Jersey Shore" down there?

Strange: First question the Chilean miners keep asking: "Is Lindsay Lohan still alive?"
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Chilean miners: "We kept up spirits over the past week by finding inspiration in America's valiant efforts to stop the Gap's logo change."

Someone take Larry's keys. RT @wittz_end Larry King notes rescued miner Sepulveda is also a street in LA. Why is he retiring? Top of his game!

Overheard among the Chilean miners: "Wait, J-Lo *and* Steven Tyler? That's REAL?!"

Chilean miner: "I'm excited to sit down and enjoy some new American fall TV. We heard great things about 'Lone Star,' when's it on? What?"

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