Wednesday, November 24, 2010

L.A.'s Jesus is Everywhere

Remember our Jesus spotting on the Great Los Angeles Walk? Will Campbell, who took the pic above, wrote all about it over at

Turns out we're far from the only Angelenos who have encountered L.A.'s self-proclaimed Messiah.

L.A. Jesus is actually a man named Kevin Lee Light, who regularly walks around our city dressed as, well, Jesus. A whole blog, I Saw Jesus in LA, is devoted to the Jesus/Kevin sightings.

Here's Jesus taking the bus, for example:

(Photo via I See Jesus in LA and Tiffany E.)

Here's how the blog sums it all up:

Some say Los Angeles is a moral cesspool. Land of the lost. And perhaps that's why Jesus roams the streets. Maybe he's hoping to save us all. Most people who live in LA have seen the Second Coming meandering around the City of Angels. This is the OFFICIAL blog dedicated to those encounters. Submit your Jesus pics to

L.A. Jesus, who apparently can regularly be found at hot indie rock shows around town, also has a Facebook Fan Page. Because honestly, in 2010, of COURSE Jesus would have a Facebook Fan Page.

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