Monday, December 06, 2010

A Holiday Trip to Disneyland

Dragging two young kids to Disneyland -- it's as difficult as you might think. But it's holiday time at Disneyland. Plus Blogger Kid had a day off from school, and friends of ours (thanks, S and A!) had extra park passes our way.

The Monday after Thanksgiving was crowded, but not nearly as packed as I imagine the holiday weekend was. Besides, the secret to bringing two small children to Disneyland is simple: Don't overdo it. They're just happy to be there. Take them on a few rides, and you're good.

In other words, Space Mountain is not an option.

But there are plenty of other rides, with fast-moving lines, to satisfy both a 5 1/2-year-old and a 1-year-old. The Dumbo ride, the Mark Twain riverboat, "It's a Small World," Autopia (for the older one), the double-decker bus around Main Street USA, and more.

(Captain EO? As it turned out, the Michael Jackson tribute isn't such a good idea for the little ones. Lesson learned.)

It was Nathan's first time at Disneyland, and Blogger Baby 2.0 had a blast. His older brother also had his most fun yet at the park. Another secret: We left before the fireworks -- and the crowds.

A few pics from our visit last week:

Entrance to the Magic Kingdom castle

The Disneyland Christmas tree

Blogger Baby 2.0's first experience with costume characters

Nathan peers up at the Disneyland Christmas tree

Nighttime down Main Street USA

The Mark Twain riverboat

Matterhorn at dusk

Evan's favorite attraction: The Monorail

Celebrating 2011 in "It's a Small World"

Canadian Mountie in "It's a Small World"

It's a Small World

The tree in daylight

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