Thursday, December 09, 2010

KROQ Moves 'Loveline' Back to Its Old Slot

In a scheduling reversal, KROQ has moved long-running relationship call-in show "Loveline" back to its former 10 p.m.-to-midnight slot.

KROQ had downgraded "Loveline" to a midnight-to-2 a.m. spot in March. The decision to move the show back then came after KROQ was getting handily beat in late night by rival KYSR 98.7, which stuck to music programming in those hours.

As a result, 98.7 was starting to beat KROQ in audience share, according to Arbitron radio rankings, even though KROQ's "Kevin & Bean Show" dominates in the morning.

But more recently, KROQ has once again pulled ahead of KYSR in the overall rankings. And programmer Kevin Weatherly told All Access that he was pleased with the shows being produced with veteran host Dr. Drew Pinsky and new co-host "Psycho Mike" Catherwood.

"The chemistry between Psycho Mike and Dr. Drew is amazing, and the show sounds better than ever," Weatherly told the site.

Catherwood also continues as a member of the "Kevin & Bean" team, as well as a weekend DJ on KROQ. Pinsky, meanwhile, recently signed a deal to host a new nightly show for the HLN network.

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