Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Power 106's Big Boy Parodies Ted Williams Video

KPWR/Power 106 morning host Big Boy does a parody of the now-famous YouTube video that catapulted homeless Ted Williams into several radio and voiceover jobs.

You probably already saw The Columbus Dispatch video (if not, watch it here): A cameraman drives up to Williams, panhandling on the side of the street. Williams looks bad: Unkempt hair, bad teeth. But then he opens his mouth... and a rich baritone, ready-for-broadcast voice comes out.

Williams, who has struggled for years with addiction and brushes with the law, became an overnight sensation. Many have feared what effect this sudden success might have on his recovery; the news of his detainment by the LAPD the other night didn't help matters.

UPDATE: As a reader notes, 100.3 The Sound's Larry Morgan has also produced a parody:

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