Monday, March 21, 2011

First Look at the LA Zoo's New Elephants of Asia Exhibit

The L.A. Zoo's Elephants of Asia exhibit definitely adds some weight (yes, pun intended) to what's still a rather small facility. (I'm still waiting for the new reptile house -- the boys will be the right age to enjoy it once the snakes return to the L.A. Zoo.)

The elephant exhibit right now contains just three elephants -- two older females (former circus elephants) and one younger male, with more to come. Divided into sections, the Elephants of Asia also celebrates countries where elephants roam -- including China, India, Thailand and Cambodia. More:

Behind the Thai Pavilion and located within the center of the exhibit is the Elephant Barn. Modeled after a Thai structure, the barn encompasses 16,600 square feet and provides infrastructure to support the Zoo’s exceptional level of veterinary care and animal husbandry. A specialized ultrasound unit and walk-through articulated sling squeeze ensures keeper and animal safety as the animals undergo medical examinations. Overhead walkways in the elephant barn enable the keeper teams and behavioral researchers to observe the animals without intruding on their natural socialization. The barn is capable of holding up to eleven adult elephants of any age or herd composition including bulls, cows, calves, and aged animals.
Read all about the exhibit here. Some pics from our day at the zoo:

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