Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Here's What's Up With the Construction at the Los Feliz Derby Building

Franklin Avenue reader Danielle writes in:
hello mike,
i didn't see a post for this on FA, but the derby in los feliz is being "repaired." there are small chunks of wall missing here and there and a huge real estate
"for lease/sale" sign hanging by the entrance. louise's trattoria is shuttered too. do you have any inside info on this?
I didn't... but I knew who would: Los Angeles magazine staffer and L.A. preservation expert Chris Nichols. He responds:
Hi Mike,

Chase bank is moving into the Derby space and Louise’s is staying. The city office of historic resources has signed off on their work and they promise to retain the lamella roof, but I’m still leery. They’ve been poking holes all over it. Grr.
Thanks Chris, and hope that helps, Danielle.

Read all about the previous efforts to save the Derby building -- the last remaining original Brown Derby structure -- here. The Derby nightclub shut down in 2009.

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