Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to Find the Best Coffee in Los Angeles

Coffee addicts, pay attention: The LA Weekly has put together the definitive list of L.A.'s best spots to get a cup -- check out the criteria here and the map here.

The Weekly explains:

A few days ago, we listed 10 Places to Get a Damn Good Cup of Coffee. As many of you pointed out (passionately) in our comments, however, there are coffee shops not on the list that also make a great cup. And so, for your handy reference, we mapped L.A.'s best specialty coffee shops. The map includes the spots we highlighted, plus several others that didn't make the list. We made note of the shops that select and roast their own beans (those shops are in all caps), so if you want to drink local, you can.
Check out the original "Top 10 Places to Get a Damn Cup of Coffee" feature here.

Among the top offerings:
1. Espresso Cielo
2. Balconi Coffee Company
3, Coffee Commissary
4. Farmers' Markets
5. Cafecito Organico
​6. Spring for Coffee
7. CoffeeBar
8. Intelligentsia
9. Cognoscenti Coffee
10. Cafe de Leche

A few of our favorite (and soon-to-be favorite) places!

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