Monday, May 02, 2011

KNBC Launches 'California Nonstop' Channel Tomorrow

"California Nonstop" goes live tomorrow, KNBC announced on Monday.

Word first emerged last fall that KNBC would partner with sister NBC-owned stations KNTV (San Francisco) and KNSD (San Diego) to launch the digital channel, a West Coast counterpart to WNBC's "NY Nonstop" in New York.

For over-the-air viewers, "California Nonstop" will run on Channel 4.2, replacing "KNBC News Raw." It will also have a home on various local cable providers.

Here's the official release:

This new platform will take advantage of the combined resources and expertise of the three stations and increase the local content offered to each market. Shows and segments will focus on the news, information, entertainment and lifestyle programming of interest to those living in the three individual television markets and to California as a whole.

"California is a mecca of culture, a center for business, tourism and innovation that is always on the cutting-edge of news, entertainment and trends. Having three television stations located in different parts of the state makes it possible for us to create the first channel dedicated to capturing the true essence of life in California. California Nonstop will allow viewers to keep up with what's happening in the state on both a local and regional level," said NBC4 LA Vice President News and Content Vickie Burns on behalf of all three stations.

Programming for California Nonstop will feature a mix of shows produced specifically for the channel by the three California stations, along with programs produced by NBC Local Media. Additional local programming will be added over time.

New weekday shows include an hour-long newscast produced by each station that will air in their respective markets at 7PM.

“Nonstop News LA,” “NBC Bay Area News at 7PM” and “NBC San Diego News at 7PM” will all begin airing on May 3rd. Colleen Williams will anchor the Los Angeles Newscast, which will include a lively examination of top issues impacting Southern California. The Bay Area newscast will be anchored by Brent Cannon and provides a thorough summary of the day’s news and in-depth local stories at a time that is convenient for late commuters. Mark Mullen and Catherine Garcia will anchor “NBC San Diego News at 7PM,” which will provide a comprehensive wrap-up of the day’s local news.

“Morning Mix” is an hour-long compilation of the most interesting segments culled from the three stations’ early-morning newscasts and other news reports, and “The Rundown” is a half-hour show spotlighting a lively blend of topics appealing to Californians, introduced in an informal and conversational way.

The weekly shows include “California Nonstop Foodies,” a 30-minute journey of unique California culinary experiences, from diverse food and cooking trends to the restaurants and chefs that have made the state a center for cuisine.

“Nonstop Scene in California” is a half-hour show illuminating the people, places and things that make California distinctive. “The Filter with Fred Roggin” is a rapid-fire, half-hour news and commentary program offering perspective on the week’s hot topics.

California Nonstop is the fourth Nonstop channel launched by the NBC Local Media Division. New York Nonstop debuted in 2009, while Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington introduced their 24/7 channels in October of 2010. In addition to California Nonstop, the NBC stations in Dallas and Miami will also be launching Nonstop Channels in their respective markets the week of May 2nd.

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