Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Rate-A-Restaurant #248: Spring Street Smokehouse

Restaurant: Spring Street Smokehouse

Location: 640 N. Spring St. (Downtown)

Type of restaurant: Barbecue

We stipulated: We've actually hit the Spring Street Smokehouse several times, usually with others who also have kids.

They stipulated: "Spring Street Smokehouse is an American Bar-B-Que joint offering all the classic barbecue meats, hickory-smoked from four to 18 hours. The meat is wonderfully dense and smoky and includes all the favorites youd expect: beef and pork ribs, Texas hot links, brisket, even deep fried turkey. The down-home sides of greens, beans and cornbread round out a truly authentic BBQ experience."

What we ordered: Smoked 1/2 tender chicken ("basted in our tangy homemade bbq sauce" with choice of Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, or French Fries) $8.95. Mac and cheese $3. Hush puppies $3.

High point: The sauces are nice, the hush puppies are amazing and the pulled pork sandwich (consumed on another visit) may be my favorite entree.

Low point: Not a kid-friendly menu. Tough to find something for the kids to eat on their own. The waiter suggested a hot link -- and I got one, assuming the kid could eat it like a hot dog. Um, no.

Overall impression: With so many decent BBQ spots now history (RIP, The Pig), the Smoke Street Smokehouse carries on the BBQ tradition nicely in downtown, right where Olvera meets Chinatown.

Chance we'll go back:  Yes, very likely.

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