Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Rate-A-Restaurant #249: Mixt Greens

Restaurant: Mixt Greens

Location: 5757 Wilshire Blvd. (Miracle Mile)

Type of restaurant: Salads

We stipulated: Miracle Mile had been a vast lunchtime wasteland until the food trucks came along. Nonetheless, back when I worked at 5900 Wilshire, I welcomed the addition of Mixt Greens -- particularly because it replaced the dreadful O to Go.

They stipulated: "Mixt Greens was founded in San Francisco in 2005 and has since been voted San Francisco Chronicle's 'Best Healthy Lunch' in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as being certified as a 'Bay Area Green Business', one of only five restaurants with this designation." Mixt Greens specializes in design-your-own salads, with an escalating price structure depending on what you order.

What we ordered: Design your own salad ($6.95): : choose your greens, 2 staples, 2 specialties & dressing. I chose mixed greens, along with chickpeas, edamame, soba noodles and marinated tofu. Plus a mango citrus vinaigrette.

High point: I enjoy the ability to create your own salad with such a wide array of staples and specialties.

Low point: When Mixt Greens first opened, they were generous with the fixings -- and would add more if you asked. Now, not so much. The portions appear to be smaller, and they're stingy with the extras.

Overall impression: Be careful -- your salad could get really expensive with all the add-ons. That's why I make sure to stick with the basics.

Chance we'll go back:  Now that my office has moved to Century City, it's less likely. And honestly, once the portions got smaller, I stopped going. (It didn't help that I started hitting the food trucks).

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