Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Map Your L.A. For KCET

One of my favorite L.A. books of the past year has been Los Angeles in Maps by Glen Creason -- but then again I'm a sucker for both maps and all things old Los Angeles.

Inspired in part by the book, KCET's Departures blog is asking readers to come up with their own maps of L.A. Details:

As a partner in Departure's effort to share information and ideas about L.A., we want you to share your personal maps in order to expand our understanding L.A. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Map your family's history in L.A. Mark changes in time and community.

Define your borders in L.A. Where is your work, home, play, soccer game, etc?
Map art in your commute, including graffiti, public art, or something you find beautiful on a daily basis.

Share your "legends" in L.A. by mapping your favorite L.A. local eccentrics, and favorite strangers. For extra brownie points, include a legend for your map.
It's a fun idea. I've been trying to figure out what my "Map of L.A." would be -- my (now terrible) commute? Favorite go-to restaurants? Kid-friendly L.A.?

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