Friday, June 24, 2011

Retro Friday: L.A. Radio, Back in the Day

Wow, this 1991 spot for KPWR "Power 106" screams, well, "1991." From back when Power 106 was "L.A.'s Hottest Music."

KLAC is now all-sports, but back in 1985 it was a country station. This low-rent spot seems like it was made for some small radio market, not Los Angeles.

In 1993, KNX and KFWB were still owned by different companies -- KNX by CBS, and KFWB by Group W. Here's an animated spot from all-news KFWB.

A rock spot from KLOS in the mid-1980s.

KDAY goes disco in 1979.

Space-age KRTH in 1980.

KROQ's famed "Roq of the '80s" logo and spot in the 1980s.

KOST, from its "beautiful music" days. Remember when elevator music was played on the radio? Yikes!

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