Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Cheap Date: $3 Movies in North Hollywood

I dare you to come up with a cheaper date than the one Maria and I pulled off on Sunday night: $3 movie ("Bridesmaids," at the Valley Plaza 6 in North Hollywood) and tacos from El Pollo Loco. Total cost of the evening: $10.

OK, so I'm not proud of the El Pollo Loco. But there aren't a lot -- actually, there aren't any -- food options near Regency Theatres' Valley Plaza 6. Located at the north end of North Hollywood, the Valley Plaza 6 is about the only life left in what's otherwise a ghost town of a shopping center.

And then there's the time warp of the Valley Plaza 6 itself, which is like going back in time to experience the movies in a 1983 setting. (I doubt the theatre has been updated since then.)

But the saving grace: $3 movies. That's right, $3 movies. And these aren't moldy-oldie-released-in-January films either. "Bridesmaids" is still in regular, $15 theaters -- which made our $3 ticket even more sweet.

If that doesn't drive you, on Tuesdays the tickets drop to $1.50. And apparently, according to the folks on Yelp, hot dogs are just $1. (I do have my limits to my cheapness, and $1 hot dogs didn't quite cut it.)

Playing right now at the Valley Plaza 6: Bridesmaids, Thor, Rio, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Fast Five. (See? Maybe it would actually be worth $1.50 to see "Fast Five." Probably not. But you won't feel as bad.)

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