Tuesday, July 12, 2011

KTLA Celebrates 20 Years of Morning News


I gotta admit, I'm a sucker for local TV station anniversary specials. And no one does more of them than KTLA. The first commercial station to broadcast west of the Mississippi, KTLA is proud of its heritage -- and as a local TV geek, I can appreciate it.

That's why I was watching last week as KTLA aired an hour-long special devoted to the 20th anniversary of the "KTLA Morning News." The special included a reunion of the original anchor team -- including Barbara Beck (now out of the business) and Carlos Amezcua (now at KTTV Fox 11). One-time popular traffic reporter Jennifer York also made an appearance.

As the special notes, the "KTLA Morning News" began in 1991 as a straight-ahead, serious newscast. But as the show headed toward cancellation, the anchors started loosening up -- and the ratings skyrocketed. For better or for worse, the loose format spread across the country -- and yes, even the network morning shows began emulating the style.

Above, watch the first segment from the KTLA Morning News 20th anniversary special. More segments below.



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