Friday, August 26, 2011

A 2-Year-Old in the House

Blogger Baby 2.0 is now Blogger Toddler 2.0. The baby turned 2 last week, and has become a talking machine in recent weeks. That's great for communicating... but it's also trying when he communicates exactly what he wants two, three or (most likely) 20 times. Right now he's obsessed with the song "Shyness" by Thieves Like Us (which was a part of my 2010 end-of-year "Choice Cuts" mix). If we don't play "Shyness" every time we get in the car... well, the toddler will just repeat "Shyness." "Shyness." "Dadda, 'Shyness.'" "Shyness." You get the idea.

To be fair, the mind of a 2-year-old is a fascinating and fun thing to behold. Here's the toddler counting: "Two, Three, Five, Seven, Eight, Four, Three, Five..."

Yesterday, the toddler shoved a tiny Lego up his nose. While we were on vacation. Visions of spending the day in the emergency room... until I thankfully was able to fish it out with a coffee stirrer. A belated Happy Birthday to our little character.

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