Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Night at 'The Soup'

The Soup

Thanks to my pal Diane of popular TV blog The Surf Report, who invited me along last Thursday as she attended another taping of E!'s "The Soup." The show continues to impress and amuse as it takes down some of the silliest stuff televised on reality, local TV, talk shows and newscasts. And then there's the gift of Joel McHale.

McHale, of course, is busy these days as the star of NBC's "Community," but manages to somehow still juggle a busy standup schedule, movies, and his other, weekly job as host of "The Soup." McHale's in contact with the show all week, giving notes on the script that he'll eventually perform.

The Soup

Then, on Thursdays he heads to the Wilshire Courtyard HQ of E! after shooting "Community" all day. McHale glances at a script, then stands in front of the large green screen and pretty much hits his comedic marks. Three segments and a few surprise guests later, the taping is done. McHale even sticks around to sign autographs and pose for pics with the small (100 or so) audience -- which on our night included the owner of the new Chick-fil-A franchise in Hollywood.

We chatted for a bit after with Joel -- I couldn't tell if he remembered me from moderating the "Community" panel at Comic-Con or not, but I let it slide. Nice also finally meeting executive producer K.P. Anderson, who also oversees the other "Soup" spinoffs (such as G4's "Web Soup"). They make the show look easy, but it's clearly a well-organized, well-produced enterprise.

The Soup

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