Thursday, December 01, 2011

KCRW Gets 'Eclectic' at the Orpheum This Saturday

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One of my favorite Holiday events a few years ago was KCRW's "Sounds Eclectic" concert event -- in 2003, for example (read about it here) was a particularly amazing event, featuring Beck, Jurassic 5, Shelby Lynne, Liz Phair and Gary Jules. But the KCRW event eventually moved out of the holiday season and then disappeared all together.

Now, it's back under a new name, and looks to once again be a great holiday time concert. KCRW's "Are Friends Eclectic?" Holiday Show takes place this Saturday, Dec. 3 and features Jimmy Cliff, Iron and Wine, Zee Avi, the Belle Brigade, Mia Doi Todd and several others. Plus, it takes place at downtown's beautifully restored Orpheum Theatre.

Tix are still on sale -- and are 15% off at the moment. Go here to pick them up.

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