Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moving Day for Dodger Thoughts

Our pal Jon Weisman is moving his popular Dodger Thoughts blog off of ESPN LA's platform, where he's been based for the past 2 years, and back to indie status. Jon talks about the move in his first post at his reclaimed www.dodgerthoughts.com address (and how his move to the L.A. Times website cost him some commenters in 2009):

By the time I moved two years ago to ESPN Los Angeles, I was left to focus on doing the best work I could, hoping to at least retain readers if not commenters. As far as my professional life, I dreamed big again.

Well, now I’m back on my own. For now, anyway. The reasons, I think I can say without being indecorous, relate to shifting priorities over there in the big city. So what are you gonna do?

Start over. Reboot. So here we are. I could be here for 10 days or 10,000. Still figuring that out. Still figuring a lot of things out. There’s still so much I dream of accomplishing, but my path is still around a bend or two. I’m eager to see what happens.

So, if you’ve made it this far, here to home No. 6 (four more to catch Tommy Davis), thanks for stopping by. I’ll do my best to provide informative, meaningful and fun posts as much as or more than ever before. Hope you hang out a while.

Good luck, Jon! Having sat next to him at Variety for years, I know Jon is normally sporting his pre-opening day Dodgers Beard right about now.

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