Thursday, February 02, 2012

Is Los Angeles the Best-Smelling City in America?

Is Los Angeles the best-smelling city in L.A.? Perhaps the folks surrounded by skunks in the hills would diagree, but GQ makes a strong argument:

The clear, alluring track of its scent is arresting. There's the ocean breeze from Santa Monica that can travel as far East as Silver Lake; a dry desert air that comes West over Downtown and South Central; the astringent balm of eucalyptus, pine, honeysuckle, and jasmine from the hills; and car exhaust from catalytic converters, which is, in its strange industrial way, beautiful. It's like the jolt of a drug: shifting, comforting, cool like a blanket. The lonely smell of the marine layer burns off and you get this flashy perfume of hot asphalt, engines, and sun block that you can find nowhere but in L.A.

Do you agree with GQ? Is L.A. sweeter than any other metropolis?

(Thanks to birthday boy Joe for the pointer.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It sure beats NYC in the Summer. Now, if people could stop putting manure on their lawns, it would make my walks around the city far more agreeable.

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