Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mike's "Talk Soup" Audition, Circa 2000

In 2000, as Talk Soup searched for a new host (between Hal Sparks' and Aisha Tyler's tenures), guest hosts were being utilized as temporary fill-ins. Someone at the network thought it might be fun to have a reporter come in and host one evening. Variety was right next door, and I knew the head of E! PR well, so they asked me to audition.

But before I could ever guest host, E! found a new "Talk Soup" host and the idea was scrapped. My dream of a big break.. dashed. Oh well. The beginning of this tape is rough -- you miss the very beginning, which was garbled by a VCR a few years back; and then I step on a lame joke and pause way too long before continuing. But keep in mind much of this is improv, so I came up with these silly gags and comebacks on the spot. Here you go.


Benovite said...

You are a brave man.

justJENN said...

Best tv I've seen all week!

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