Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wait, Is CBS Underwriting This "College"?

Bus ad

It probably goes without saying, but... perhaps there's something hinky about a "college" that advertises on the back of a bus and promotes careers that have been popularized by a long-running hit TV show.

It's kind of hard to read from this photo, but ICDC College is marketing a degree for "Crime Scene Investigator" with the marketing tagline "Expose Criminal Minds." You read that right -- ICDC is somehow using two different CBS crime procedural dramas ("CSI" and "Criminal Minds") to help promote its programs. I can't imagine CBS would be happy with this, but I suppose ICDC could argue that it's just referring to real-life people. Either way, are we really supposed to believe there's a sudden boom in criminal forensics jobs just because crime procedurals are popular on TV? You'd probably just be better off saving your money.

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