Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rate-A-Restaurant #266: Ink.Sack


Restaurant: Ink.Sack

Location: 8360 Melrose Ave. #107 (La Cienega/Melrose)

Type of restaurant: Sandwiches


We stipulated: I suppose I've been on a gourmet sandwich kick, having recently tried Mendocino Farms for the first time. Now it was time to check out Ink.Sack, the sandwich side business to Michael Voltaggio's Ink.


They stipulated: "The concept is driven by classic flavor profiles that are elevated by premium ingredients and refined techniques. With sandwiches priced and sized to satisfy a palate craving options, ink.sack has established itself as a lunch staple in Los Angeles."


What we ordered: Veggie banh mi (bbq tofu, mushroom spread, pickled vegetables) $4; spicy tuna (miso-cured albacore, sriracha, mayo) $6


High point: The sirarcha sauce gives a nice tang to the spicy tuna sandwich, even though it wasn't really too spicy. The price is also right -- two sandwiches, just $10.


Low point: The size of the sandwiches are a bit confusing. They're too small by themselves, so you've gotta get two -- but then that seems like a bit too much. Nonetheless, you end up eating two.

Overall impression: And hey, it's great to be able to try two different sandwiches and still come to $10, even if your belly is stuffed afterward. These are sloppy, messy but extremely tasty sandwiches. And there are many more still to try.

Chance we'll go back: It's not easy to get over to Melrose and La Cienega for lunch, but I would like to try more sandwiches in the future.

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