Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Silver Lake's New Sunset Triangle Has Everyone Seeing Spots

Silver Lake street park

If you've been to New York in recent years, you've probably noticed sections of streets -- most notably, portions of Broadway -- that have been reclaimed by pedestrians and bicyclists. Traffic is blocked from the street sections, which now sport picnic tables, benches and bike racks. Los Angeles is looking to do something similar -- but they're starting small. Really small.

Right off of Sunset Boulevard -- where it meets the end of Griffith Park Blvd. (across the street from the 99 Cents Only Store) -- sits a tiny street portion (home to the Silver Lake Farmers Market) that has now been temporarily/permanently shut down to traffic.

Silver Lake street

The Eastsider LA has more on the Sunset Triangle:

The street, which is closed off behind plastic planters that serve as barricades, will remain off limits to vehicle traffic for at least one year during a trial period. The pilot project was organized by Streets for People, which is a coalition seeking to transform underused streets into public spaces.

The space is denoted by lime-green polka dots on the ground. The rainy weather on Saturday kept the tables and umbrellas on the side, as we visited.

Silver Lake street

The new Sunset Triangle urban park is situated right in front of United Bakery, which makes the best empanadas we've found anywhere (which continues to be our go-to food when we have to bring something to a party or event), as well as the newly reopened Paulina Quintana kids clothing boutique.

Have any of you spend any time yet at the "Sunset Triangle" space?

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Anonymous said...

Did you hear that someone crashed into it last night at 4am and left their car there and fled.

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