Monday, April 16, 2012

KCET's Moving Day

And then there was one. Now that KCET has officially moved to Burbank -- today is day one for the entire station to be in its new headquarters -- KTLA is the last L.A. TV station to be physically based in Hollywood.

When I moved to L.A. 16 years ago, KTLA, KCBS, KTTV, KWHY and KCET (which back then still aired business programming during the day and Spanish in the evening) were all on Sunset; KCOP was on La Brea; KABC was in Los Feliz; KCAL was on the Paramount lot. All were pretty much in the same Hollywood-ish region.

But slowly, the stations all moved to newer digs: KTTV moved to West L.A., and eventually merged with KCOP (which moved there as well), while the old Fox TV Center became a high school; KABC left for Glendale; KCBS and KCAL vacated Columbia Square for Studio City; KWHY was purchased by NBC and moved to Burbank; and now, KCET is moving into The Pointe building in Burbank.

Rumors abounded a few years ago that KTLA might move to the Los Angeles Times' downtown building, now that Tribune doesn't own that Hollywood lot anymore. But no movement so far. But much of that L.A. Times HQ is now vacant -- so who knows.

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