Monday, April 09, 2012

L.A. Ad Town: Esurance Edition

Franklin Avenue reader Andy turns us on to L.A.'s cameo in a recent Esurance commercial (above):

Looks like they 'shoped out some dead giveaways, but I recognized La Brea Ave and 8th at 0:01. I attached a screen shot from the YouTube video, and one from Google Maps.

Thanks Andy! Here are his two examples:

Ad Town
From the ad

Ad Town
Real life

Spot an L.A. Ad Town or L.A. Cameo? Send' em in!


Janna Banana said...

The only cameo I've seen lately is the Glendale Embassy Suites, in a commercial for... Embassy Suites. Which was a weird choice, considering almost all other Embassy Suites all over America look almost identical, *except* the one in Glendale, which they chose for the commercial. And then I realized how lame it was that I've somehow become an expert on Embassy Suites, and how even lamer it is that I can recognize the one in Glendale...

Anonymous said...

That Firestone's also Richard Pryor's tire dealership where Balthazar Getty works in David Lynch "Lost HighwaY"

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