Monday, April 02, 2012

L.A. Plays New York: The Stimson House

stimson house

One of our Friends of Franklin Avenue, Will Campbell, was watching last week's season premiere of "Mad Men" when he took this screen grab of the landmark Stimson House. Like us, Will is interested in how the "Mad Men" folks transform L.A. into mid-century New York (as we've written in the past, spots such as the Music Center, Cole's and Clifton's have been used on the show).

Will writes:

The attached image of my TV screen was snapped during the first few minutes of Sunday night's season opener of "Mad Men." When Don Draper drops off his kids at his ex-wife's house, the mansion he pulls in front of is none other than the landmark Stimson House on the west side of Figueroa Street just north of Adams Boulevard (and next to the church parking lot we gathered in at the beginning of your 2009 Great LA Walk).

In other LA Plays New York items (but no screensnaps), I noticed that the climax of the new episode of the also NY-based "Touch" Keifer Sutherland stopped a would-be jumper from diving off our very own Sixth Street Bridge, which through the magic of television was reduced to being a lowly freeway overpass.

Thanks Will! And we always love contributions -- if you see candidates for L.A. Ad Town, L.A. Plays New York or L.A. Plays Itself, send 'em in!

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Jon Weisman said...

We've commented on that house during both episodes – it seems like a Munsters house to us.

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