Friday, April 27, 2012

Sorry UK Tabloids, Tom Cruise's Daughter Isn't Living on "Skid Row"

The British tabloids aren't known for getting their facts straight -- so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that Now Magazine (which I had never heard of) turned the fact that Tom Cruise's daughter is living in hipster downtown into something seedy. According to their interpretation, this must mean she's living on Skid Row.

Whaa?? Here's the story:

Now can exclusively reveal that Tom's 19-year-old adopted daughter has turned her back on her privileged upbringing and moved into an apartment in one of the most crime- and drug-ridden areas of Hollywood.

The teen moved into a love nest in the Wholesale District of downtown LA - nicknamed Skid Row - with her scientologist boyfriend Eddie Frencher, 23, two months ago.

While her dad Tom, his wife Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri live in a $35 million (£17.5 million) mansion with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms in the city's plush Beverly Hills district, Isabella's new home is far from luxurious.

Not only does the area have thousands of homeless people living on the streets, but in the past six months there've been 38 aggravated assaults, 29 armed robberies and two rapes reported within walking distance of Isabella's front door.

I first learned of this story via a Facebook post from Downtown fixture Brady Westwater, who posted a comment on the story:

The wholesale district is hardly Skid Row. It has some of the top restaurants and coolest night spots in Downtown LA.

Others also came to the defense of downtown, including Manny Trejo:

A few notes, 1) that is downtown LA NOT Hollywood. 2) While the Wholesale District is adjacent to Skid Row, Skid Row proper is only the streets/area surrounding the Hope Street Mission. So unless she is on the street or living at the Hope Mission, she isn't on Skid Row. The rest of the Wholesale District is being consumed and gentrified more and more everyday. She is simply moving to a 'gritty' area with the rest of the yuppies and hipsters. The Wholesale District is all about hipsters and yuppie douche bags. In either event, she needs to spend more time turning her back on second helpings at dinner by the looks of things.
And here's a comment from our pal Ed Padgett:

I feed the homeless on Skid Row Los Angeles, and she hasn't moved to Skid Row.

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