Wednesday, May 02, 2012

FRANKLIN AVENUE IN PALM SPRINGS: Rate-A-Restaurant #271, King's Highway

Ace Hotel diner

Restaurant: King's Highway

Location: Ace Hotel 701 E Palm Canyon Dr. (Palm Springs)

Type of restaurant: Diner

Ace Hotel diner

We stipulated: For our last day in Palm Springs, we were looking to do something simple that could fill both our breakfast and lunch needs. Eating L.A.'s Pat suggested King's Highway as a dining spot, and Maria wanted to check out the Ace Hotel anyway.

They stipulated: "We restored the old Denny’s restaurant on the property and made it into King's Highway, serving fresh food for hot days. We use the best ingredients we can find, including local, organic and artisanal products whenever we can. We’re working with a local family-owned business called TKB (The Kid’s Business) for our morning muffins, scones, and pastries. They source as many of their ingredients as they can locally, too. We get organic goats’ milk cheese from the Springhill Cheese Company out of Sonoma Calif., which they only sell at farmers markets (even to us). Our Stumptown Coffee is grown in partnership with growers who get a good price for their beans. We work to build good relationships with producers and distributors, like Prime Smokehouse in Oakland, which makes custom thick cut black pepper bacon for us."

Ace Hotel diner

What we ordered: Mike: FISH TACOS 8.00 (Corn tortilla, slaw, salsa verde, crema); Maria: MANCHEGO CHEESE & BEET SALAD 8.00 (Walnuts, shaved fennel, baby spinach); Blogger Kid: AMIGO BRISKET BURGER 12.00 (Jack or sharp cheddar cheese, roasted tomato, pickled onions, fries)

High point: The fish taco was good, although a tad cold. The burger boasted a nice pickled onion relish and full grilled tomato.

Low point: We were led to believe that we were ordering a kids burger for the Blogger Kid. (Perhaps because we said, "Do you have a kids' menu?" And they replied, "We have a burger that's perfect for kids." Not realizing that our waiter was referring to the $12 grown-up burger. Luckily, the Blogger Toddler ate some of it too.)

Ace Hotel diner

Overall impression: It's a shame that some of the great-sounding breakfast and dinner items aren't available all day. But overall, I like what they did with the space, as well as the interesting menu. And even though there are no kids items (a major oversight), it's still kid-friendly.

Ace Hotel diner

Chance we'll go back: Yes, and we'd recommend it to others coming to Palm Springs, including with small kids.

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Anonymous said...

kings highway i think caters more towards the guests at the ace. mostly 20-30's, no kids. it's attached to a great bar which leads to the pool/outside bar area. definitely more of a spring break vibe than a family hotel. agreed they could serve more breakfast items during the day , for those waking up a little later.

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