Monday, June 04, 2012

Jeff Goldsmith Gives You The "Backstory"


Congrats to our pal Jeff Goldsmith, who put a lot of blood and sweat (and yes, a few tears too) into launching his brand new magazine Backstory, a deep look inside movie (and TV) making. The debut issue is available now exclusively on iPad here. It was worth the wait. Beautifully designed (there's a definite McSweeney's vibe to it) and chock full of goodies, the best part of the Backstory debut issue is this: It's absolutely free. Jeff hopes you'll like what you see and come back to buy an annual subscription at a still low price.

Here are a few highlights of issue one:

On the Cover: Prometheus
Find out how an off-the-cuff pitch led to the making of the film.

Off the Shelf: Bessie
Writer-director Richard Kelly discusses his unproduced, labor of love script, Bessie. Plus, read the script in its entirety.

Staged: A New Vintage of "Sideways"
Writer Rex Pickett chats about adapting his novel into a stage play. Plus, read the play in its entirety.

Black List Tales: Strange Skies
Scribe Pat Healy discusses adapting Matt Marinovich's novel, "Strange Skies," which landed his script on the fabled Black List. Plus, read the entire script.

Inside the 2011 Nicholl Fellowship
Full coverage of the fellowship, including the screenplay of one of the contest winners

Cinema Obscura: Mr. Nobody
Jaco Van Dormeal discusses his 40 million euro sci-fi film, which you probably haven't seen. Plus, read the script.

In-depth interviews
Featuring director Barry Sonnenfeld, actor Jeffrey Combs and producer Craig Perry

Writer-director Edgar Wright shows you his latest short film series, which the audience helps to create.

It's a large file (I had to delete a few TV episodes off my iPad to make room), but it's worth it.

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