Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mike at Comic-Con: A Photo Gallery Round-Up

Comic-Con Mike Crystal
Whatta Comic-Con! For starters, that's Crystal the Monkey (of "The Hangover," "Community" and now "Animal Practice" fame) giving me a little bit of a lick. I think I now have Ebola. Here are some pics of my Four Days in Comic-Con geekville.

Comic-Con Breaking Bad On Stage
The cast of "Breaking Bad" on stage.

Comic-Con Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul in hazmat gear with fake baby.

Comic-Con Cranston
Bryan Cranston dons his hazmat suit for the "Breaking Bad" panel.

Comic-Con Community onstage
The "Community" panel, up close.

Comic-Con crowd
The view of Ballroom 20's 5,000-strong crowd from the stage.

Comic-Con Giancarlo
Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) recruits me for some sort of "cooking" job.

Comic-Con Revolution
The cast of NBC's new "Revolution."

Comic-Con Bryan Slade
"Mockingbird Lane" and "Hannibal" writer Bryan Fuller with director David Slade (who has donned the real "Hannibal" face prop).

Comic-Con Mike and Butch
Me with Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster on the original "The Munsters" abd may now have a recurring role in the reboot.

Comic-Con TVGMmonkey
Team TV Guide Magazine poses with Crystal the Monkey at NBC's Comic-Con party.

Comic-Con Danny Joel
Danny Pudi "saves" Joel McHale's life on the TV Guide Magazine yacht.

Comic-Con Community boat
Group shot of the "Community" stars who could make it to San Diego.

Comic-Con Community
"Community" cast has some fun on the TV Guide Magazine yacht.

Comic-Con Vanessa Terry
Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams of ABC's new "666 Park Avenue" on the TV Guide Magazine yacht.

Comic-Con Vanessa
Vanessa Williams poses as Terry O'Quinn looks on.

Comic-Con Terry
Looking dapper, John Locke -- er, Terry O'Quinn!

Comic-Con 666 Park
The cast of "666 Park Avenue."

Comic-Con Fringe
"Fringe" star Joshua Jackson on the yacht.

Comic-Con Yacht
Welcome to the TV Guide Magazine yacht!

Comic-Con Yacht bow
View from the yacht.

Comic-Con costume
Costume of the 'Con?

Comic-Con MegaDomo
Mega Domo!

Comic-Con Starbucks
Spider-Man will take your Starbucks order now.

Comic-Con Captain America hall
Captain America keeps the San Diego Convention Center safe.

Comic-Con Wilfred
Either "Wilfred" fans... or more likely, "Wilfred" promoters from FX. Either way, cool costumes.

Comic-Con Spottacus

Comic-Con Transformers
More than meets the eye, it's the Transformers!

Comic-Con TMNT
Nickelodeon's revived Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet the fans.

Comic-Con Pedicab
A "Once Upon a Time"-themed pedicab on the San Diego comic-con streets.

Comic-Con NerdDomo
Nerd Domo!

Comic-Con NBC
NBC's presence at Comic-Con.

Comic-Con Marvel
Crowd looking for free Iron Man 3 swag at the Marvel booth.

Comic-Con Captain America
Oh, Captain America, what happened??


trouble said...

I think pedacab Captain America discovered carbs. But doesn't he look like the real 2012 Capt. America? Vanessa Williams is so beautiful, really looking forward to 666 Park Ave. How many different series has Giancarlo E been in? He must have some kind of record.

Nanette said...

You have the best. job. ever.

Anonymous said...

What is that red fire hydrant doing to Wilfred...never mind

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spottacus Cheetah said...

Hi! *purrs* I'm Spottacus. Thanks for the nice pic of me in my serval fursuit talking to another Comic Con kitty (note the snow leopard spot tatto). Comments or questions? I'm spottacus on FaceBook, Twitter, and Gmail. *scampers back into the savannah grass*

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