Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hurricane Iniki, 20 Years Later

While we mourn another 9/11 anniversary, they're also taking a moment in Hawai'i today to remember another Sept. 11 milestone.

I still remember how 20 years ago today we were making a dash to fill our cars up with gas at the nearby Gas Express and stopping by the store to grab batteries. Hurricane Iniki, which was threatening Kauai, had taken a turn -- and suddenly Honolulu and Oahu were in its path.

Ultimately, Oahu was mostly spared (other than some parts of the Leeward side). We experienced some rain and saw a lot of debris on the ground around town, but that was it. Kauai wasn't so lucky. Tons of homes were damaged and most of the island's resorts had to shut down for lengthy repairs. A year later, in 1993, as an intern for several Hawaii trade magazines, I got to tour the Princeville Resort as renovations were still ongoing.

I still have packed away somewhere my Crazy Shirts tee that declares "I survived Hurricane Iniki." It really was nothing -- but considering how rare severe weather is in the islands, it was quite a memorable experience.

Above, check out coverage of Iniki from 1992 on KHON-TV. And check how calm and cool Joe Moore, Leslie Wilcox and Howard Dashefsky are.

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Melanie said...

Ah, heading to Safeway by Aliamanu...no bread or batteries. None at the commissary either. Good times. I still have my Crazy Shirt too.

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