Wednesday, September 12, 2012

KLOS Rolls Out "Heidi & Frank"


The billboards have started popping up all over town for "The Heidi & Frank Show," KLOS-FM's new morning drive time program hosted by Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer. Hamilton and Kramer are familiar to L.A. radio listeners from their stints (with Frosty Stilwell) on the old 97.1 FM Talk station and for their brief stint on KABC-AM. More recently, the duo (minus Stilwell) have gone the podcast route. But with the end of the 25+ year run of KLOS' "Mark & Brian Show," KLOS decided to bring Heidi and Frank back to radio.

The duo recently spoke to the L.A. Times:

"We're the new couple who moved in, and we're bringing by the bottle of wine and the six-pack, and we're making that neighborhood as friendly as it used to be," Kramer said. "We understand they've been sharing their life with Mark and Brian for a very, very long time. They're family. But we will do our best to embrace them, if they'll embrace us."

Hamilton added, "We're there to make the day go by a little faster. We're all about having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously, and everybody is welcome."

"It's hard to follow a show like 'Mark & Brian,'" said John Dickey, chief operating officer of Cumulus Media, the radio chain that owns KLOS. He said Hamilton and Kramer "have their own style; they're not trying to be Mark and Brian. They can appeal to a broader and, in some ways, younger demographic."

Have you listened yet? Any early reviews?

Meanwhile, speaking of billboards, you've probably seen those CBS signs around town touting their investment in the Los Angeles economy. The L.A. Times' Joe Flint has the backstory on what those billboards are truly for. Read it here.


Jo said...

I'm an avid Kevin & Bean listener, but I like to tune away when they play music (or talk wrestling--which happens A LOT!).

I've listened to Heidi and Frank here and there so far and I think they're very likable (I've heard them occasionally over the past decade whenever I happen to catch them on the air).

Whenever I tuned in to Mark and Brian it sounded like one of them was reading (not very well) from a list. Heidi and Frank are a welcome change for me! I wish them luck.

Anonymous said...

I'm basically the opposite of Jo, in that I tuned in to the show hoping KLOS would go with music in the morning. I heard someone telling them that they're not as bad as everyone says they are, and then I changed it back to a music station.

Will Campbell said...

I remember Heidi Frosty and Frank from WAY back at some previous incarnation of 92.3 (or was it 93.something) in the 90s. I listened to them right up until the moment Heidi had the really bad taste to make a "Metallica" joke at the expense of some poor guy at an ironworks plant who made the news by dying horribly after somehow falling into a vat of molten steel. Never listened to them after that. Don't plan to start.

Anonymous said...

I don't find them engaging at all and don't see myself becoming a listener.
I think the upper brass did a huge disservice to its listeners and its standings by not giving a well-deserved green light to Brian. 'Tis a pity.

petthemusic said...

Brian and Jill show is funnier and a lot more witty than the Heidy and Frank show. Listen to their show on ITunes or stitcher. I hope KLOS brings Brian back along with Jill.

BetteJ Hagerty said...

Frank and Heidi are juvenile...which doesn't work considering their ages. Also, Mark and Brian's audience had aged...and so a show that caters to younger (read: less intelligent) crowd won't work. But, to be honest, that fake cackle that Heidi throws out at everything Frank says is what will definitely keep me away.

Anonymous said...

Frank is ok but Heidi...yea not so much. Probably the most annoying person on radio, not funny, not interesting. Sorry KLOS, this show sucks.

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