Monday, November 26, 2012

World's Oldest Hipster Types Away At Starbucks

Maria and I spotted this guy on Saturday evening at Starbucks' Hollywood and Vine location, pounding away on an electric typewriter at one of the tables. This is amazing on so many levels. The fact that this guy hauled this typewriter from home, all the way to Starbucks, is incredible. Then there's the fact that he chose *this* Starbucks, located at a busy intersection in parking-unfriendly Hollywood. (Maybe he took the Subway there? That would be great too.)

And of course, there's the whole fact that in this wi-fi era, this guy proudly continues to kick it old school by flaunting his electric typewriter to the world.

Hey, I loved typewriters as a kid. And I work in print journalism. I still buy CDs. (Sorry, I haven't caught on to the retro vinyl trend, even though I admire it and wish I did.) So I love this guy. Plus, this has already become the most retweeted post I've ever done on Twitter. Keep on keeping on, Starbucks Electric Typewriter Guy!


Ellen Bloom said...

I almost bought a Smith-Corona traveling electric typewriter at a yard sale on Saturday. Dang! I could have been the World's Oldest Hipstress!

emily said...

He's a really nice guy. You can catch him at the Bux on Prospect & Vermont too. Can't remember his name.

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