Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rate-A-Restaurant #288: Paradis


Restaurant: Paradis Ice Cream

Location: 2323 Honolulu Ave (Montrose)


Type of restaurant: Ice Cream


We stipulated: Saturday afternoon in Montrose, with the kids in tow, and ice cream just made sense.


They stipulated: "Creamy Paradis ice cream tastes rich and natural and is made without unnecessary preservatives. We are proud of our ice cream which is made with respect by each individual ice cream manufacturer. Our ice cream is manufactured from Thrane Dairy milk, and our sorbets are water-based. Our ice cream has a natural fresh taste because we use fresh ingredients – there are strawberries in our strawberry ice cream and blueberries in our blueberry ice cream – and our ice cream is freshly made every day."


What we ordered: one scoop ice cream each ($3.50)


High point: The flavor choices are fantastic -- such as salted caramel or banana chocolate chip. The day we went there was even a "beer sorbet." Also, even if you order one scoop, you can split it between two flavors.

Low point: No water, at least the day we were there.


Overall impression: An extension of a small Denmark chain, Paradis promises "Scandinavian ice cream made fresh daily." It looks and tastes a but like gelato, and is extremely smooth and creamy.

Chance we'll go back: Scoops is now close by and will forever be our fave ice cream haunt, so Paradis will have to settle for being No. 2. But yes, I'm pretty sure we'll be back.

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