Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tonight: Watch the PaleyFest "Community" Panel Live


As PaleyFest continues this week, I'm excited to be moderating the Community panel on Tuesday night. Just like this weekend's Revolution panel, it will be live streamed -- click here to start watching around 7:30 p.m. PT. There will be some fun surprises in store.

Among the panelists set to appear:

Russ Krasnoff, Executive Producer
David Guarascio, Executive Producer
Moses Port, Executive Producer
Tristram Shapeero, Executive Producer
Joel McHale, “Jeff Winger”
Gillian Jacobs, “Britta Perry”
Yvette Nicole Brown, “Shirley Bennett”
Danny Pudi, “Abed Nadir”
Alison Brie, “Annie Edison”
Jim Rash, “Dean Pelton”
Plus additional guests to be announced.

Got any questions you'd like me to ask the stars and producers? Let me know!


Jenn said...

How have each of the actors feel their particular character has grown over the course of their last few years at Greendale? How might they like to see them grow more in/outside of the school?

Jenn said...

That should have said "felt," not "feel." Darn you, iPhone!

Jerkpie said...

If any writers show up, this question is for them, as well for Gillian Jacobs:

In the first season's DVD, Dan Harmon said Troy/Britta grossed him out. How/why did he move on from that to allow their romance?

Eric Bloggin said...

What is everyone's favorite Easter Egg joke? Maybe one few notice?

Anonymous said...

we wanna see more "movie like" episodes!!!

Geoffrey G. said...

If you could "re-do" or "re-imagine" one of the earlier episodes or story lines which would you think would be the best one and how would you stylize it?

For Example: I always wanted a Film Noir episode which was teased towards the end of season 3 in Curriculum Unavailable.

p.s. Hi Alison!

Elias Barrera said...

How many of you worked together or knew each other before the show started? The shows really taken on a close knit family vibe that seems to go beyond just acting.

Xavier said...

A question for the cast. How much improv went into this 4th season?

Reid said...

Ask them if there was any other story or episode they would've liked to add, had they were given a full season instead of the half season. Or, ask if any changes have been made to the episodes since everything wrapped - or if they have plans to release extended cuts of episodes on Hulu a la Parks and Rec. For example: Megan Ganz said that there was so much cut from the finale that she was disappointed with the outcome, so perhaps they can release the full version somewhere other than the live broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Do you think if Community weren't renewed by NBC for a 5th season, would you be willing to move to another network?

Anonymous said...

One more thing, did you plan a further backstory behind Jeff's George Michael tribute for his Real World Audition video?

Jeffrey Greene said...

Ask Joel if prefers sitcoms or what he does on the soup more and where he wants his career to go.

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