Monday, April 01, 2013

Daily News Finally Finds Its Missing "Los Angeles"

LA Daily News

I've wondered for years why the Valley-based Daily News wouldn't put "Los Angeles" in its name. Perhaps that was answered for me when the Daily News pushed for Valley succession a decade ago. But nonetheless, when most people hear "Daily News," they probably think "New York Daily News." I would assume that the name "Los Angeles Daily News" would be a much better sales tool for the paper, and perhaps help distract from the fact that its circulation is less than 100,000.

Well, perhaps the paper is finally wise to the power of making it a bit more clear that you're located in the nation's No. 2 market. As part of the newspaper's recent redesign (above), it has finally started calling itself the "Los Angeles Daily News" in its nameplate.

Similarly, I don't know if you noticed, but within the last year, Santa Monica College's KCRW has finally started including "Los Angeles" in its station ID. Santa Monica is still KCRW's city of license, but the station now identifies itself as "KCRW, Santa Monica-Los Angeles." (By the way, when I was at KCSN, we always identified ourselves as "KCSN, Northridge-Los Angeles" -- which is odd, since Northridge is not a city.)

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