Monday, July 8, 2013

MIKE ON RADIO: Bantering About Harvey, Mark Burnett and Garcetti on KCRW's "The Business"

It's always fun driving over to Santa Monica and visiting the basement studios of KCRW to record a banter session for the station's Hollywood news show "The Business." This week, I sit down with Kim Masters to chat about a few things hitting the industry. This edition even manages to work in a cross-section of my two passions: TV and Los Angeles! Take a listen below. Here's the logline for this edition:

Kim Masters and Michael Schneider, LA Bureau Chief for TV Guide Magazine, banter about this week's top entertainment news stories. (John Horn is away.)

- Harvey Weinstein and Warner Bros are embroiled in a legal battle over the title of the film, The Butler. Is this another Weinstein publicity stunt?
- Mark Burnett and Roma Downey sell their sequel to their History channel miniseries, The Bible, to NBC. Is NBC getting sloppy seconds for a big price tag?
- Eric Garcetti, LA's new mayor, calls runaway production out of the city "an emergency" and announces plans to create a "Film Czar."

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