Monday, August 26, 2013

Learning About Temecula Valley Wine in Hollywood

Learn about wine

While driving down to Comic-Con on the 15 freeway this summer, I passed by signs for the Temecula Valley wine country for the first time. Another wine country so close (well, "close") to home? I was intrigued. Not enough to return, but intrigued nonetheless. So when Learn About Wine threw a "Summer Taste" event last week bringing the Temecula Valley wineries right here to Hollywood, I signed up.

Grabbing a few friends, we dashed over to the Space 15 TWENTY (next to the Umami Burger) and tried some (but not all) of the "Taste of South Coast" offerings:

 Keyways Winery
·       Roussane
·       Viognier
·       Tempranillo
·       Valley Cuvee Du Sud
Danza del Sol Winery
·       Sauvignon Blanc 2011
·       Barbera 2011
·       Chardonnay 2012
·       Syrah 2011
Europa Village
·       Muscat Canelli 2011
·       Nocturne Syrah 2009
·       Riesling 2011
Robert Renzoni Vineyards
·       Estate Grown Pinot Grigio 2012
·       Tempranillo 2010
·       Estate Grown Brunello di Sangiovese & Cabernet Sauvignon Blend
Monte De Oro Winery
·       Synergy 65 2009
·       Nostimo 2012
·       Muscat 2012
Wiens Family Cellars
·       Solace (Chardonnay Blend) 2012
·       Sangiovese 2011
·       Crowded (Red Blend) 2011
Miramonte Winery
·       Pinot Gris 2011
·       Estate Syrah 2009
South Coast Winery
·       Viognier 2012
·       WHP Merlot 2011

I stuck with the reds, and particularly enjoyed the blends. At the cheese table, sponsored by Happy Cows Make Happy Cheese, the habanero cheddar was a revelation.

Learn about wine
The wine

Learn about wine
The winemakers

Learn about wine
The crowd

Learn about wine
The cheese

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