Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yes, You Can Buy a "Sharknado Orchid"


It's all about marketing. The Spruce Flower Shop in Los Feliz decided to give a new name to a shipment of masdevallia orchids it received from Salinas. The rare flowers look like sea creatures, so why not rename them... SHARKNADO ORCHIDS.

It worked. "We're almost sold out," a woman from Spruce told me over the phone. "We have just one left." But have no fear, fans of cheesy Ian Ziering/Tara Reid TV movies: A new shipment is set to arrive next week. Sharknado orchids cost $35. Chainsaws to escape are extra.

Here's what the masdevallia looks like, via the Orchids in Bloom blog: flower

Spruce, 4313 Fountain Avenue (near Sunset Boulevard), Los Feliz (323-660-9300)

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