Monday, September 16, 2013

Best Birthday Gift Ever? A Cat Was Drawn For Me

Draw a Cat

Definitely one of the most unique birthday gifts I've ever received... my sister Ann recently asked the famed cat drawing entrepreneur Steve Gadlin to, yes, draw a cat for me. On his website, where Gadlin posts every cat creation he draws, he describes mine: "Ann Marie GIFTED a cat to Mike! She wanted a writer cat who lives in LA. He wears T-shirts with suit jackets and jeans, and loves to walk in the city."

Gadlin is behind I Want to Draw a Cat For You, which earned global attention after he went on ABC's Shark Tank -- and convinced Mark Cuban to invest and take a chunk of the company.

Here's what Venture Beat wrote in 2012:

“I wanted to create an experiment where I could do all the things people who create businesses do, and do it with just a widget,” Gadlin told VentureBeat. Initially, in early 2011, the site consisted of exactly two things: an embedded YouTube video, and a PayPal button. Clients watched the video, ordered a cat drawing, and paid $1o. Then Gadlin drew it on paper and snail-mailed it to each customer. Just about the very definition of small-time.

Here was his initial video:

And here's his visit on "Shark Tank:

That song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

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