Friday, October 18, 2013

MIKE ON RADIO: KCRW's TV Podcast Tackles Comedy, "The Walking Dead," Social TV


Thanks to A.J. Marechal for snapping this pic of me in the studio of KCRW. Yep, A.J., Joe Adalian and I are back with the second edition of our monthly TV podcast. It's a spinoff of KCRW's "The Business," and if you subscribe to that podcast, you'll get ours as well. But if you don't, go here. Now. And listen up!

This month's topics:

The State of TV Comedy: What’s gone wrong with NBC’s comedy bloc? Why doesn’t it just go with niche comedies like 30 Rock? Do today’s TV viewers prefer niche comedies --like Veep and Louie-- found on cable channels over the broadcast’s broad fare?

The Walking Dead Phenomenon: The Walking Dead had 16 million viewers tune in for it’s Season four premiere. How did this zombie show that has graphic violence and kills off major characters become such a hit? Plus, how has this series continued strong even while it’s gone through continuous showrunner turnover?

Social TV: Twitter, Facebook and the Second Screen: TV executives love Twitter because it’s essentially free advertising for their shows. Does TV chatter on social networks lead to tune-in or just brand awareness (ie: Sharknado)?

Listen right here!

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