Friday, February 28, 2014

Pow! Bam! A Visit to Griffith Park's Bronson Canyon, a.k.a. Batman's Batcave


Sundance TV chose a unique spot on Monday night to throw the premiere party for its new series "The Red Road": The Bronson Caves in Griffith Park. Located up Canyon Drive above Franklin Avenue (yes, Franklin Avenue!), the Caves are a part of Bronson Canyon, and are famous for playing the Batcave in the 1960s "Batman" series:

Wikipedia gives some back story:

In 1903, the Union Rock Company founded a quarry, originally named Brush Canyon, for excavation of crushed rock used in the construction of city streets. The quarry ceased operation in the late 1920s, leaving the caves behind. The caves became known as the Bronson Caves after a nearby street, giving the area its more popular name of Bronson Canyon.

Scenes of the main cave entrance are normally filmed in a manner that shows the entrance at an angle. This is because the cave is actually a very short tunnel through the hill, with the rear opening easily visible in a direct shot. The most well known appearance of the tunnel entrance is likely as the entrance to the Batcave in the Batman television series of the 1960s.

For "The Red Road," Sundance brought in generators, set up bleachers and a large screen and ran the first episode. Border Grill and Vizzi food trucks catered. But one downside to throwing a party on park property: No alcohol allowed.


Here's a daytime visit to the Bronson Caves that someone filmed for YouTube:

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Tammy Golihew said...

super cool event space.

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