Saturday, March 22, 2014

NBC News Needs an NBC History Lesson


Oh NBC News, how can you get your own history so wrong? First off, that stock photo you used in the pic above (taken from NBC News' website and an on-air story it did for NBC Nightly News) isn't from NBC's Burbank studio. It's NBC's original Los Angeles home ("NBC Radio City") at Sunset and Vine, demolished in 1964 and replaced by a bank.

But more importantly: NBC didn't "shutter" its Burbank lot this weekend. It sold the lot several years ago, but continued (and continues) to lease space from the new owners. The network's NBC Entertainment unit already moved to Universal City a few years ago. Left behind were KNBC, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," NBC News' L.A. operations, "Days of Our Lives," "Access Hollywood" and a handful of other NBC offices. But NBC Burbank has already been renamed "The Burbank Studios" by its new owners. In other words, NBC Burbank has been a distant memory for a while now. The only thing changing? NBC News is finally moving into Universal. That's it. I believe "Days" and "Access" still shoot at The Burbank Studios for now. Which means, little actually changed this weekend. I wish I didn't need to explain NBC's history to NBC News!

Here's the piece that NBC Nightly News ran, featuring those errors:

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