Monday, April 21, 2014

MIKE ON RADIO: My First "The Business" Guest Host Gig, Plus Interview with Chris Carter

With Kim Masters out this week, I had the privilege of hosting KCRW's "The Business" for the first time. It's an interesting episode focused on Amazon Studios, the upstart digital production company looking to do what Netflix has already successfully done: Launch hit original programming for their streaming service subscribers.

In the episode, Kim talks with Roy Price, Director of Amazon Studios, about that company's approach to creating TV shows. Then I sit down with "X-Files" creator Chris Carter, who is making his return to TV with a recently picked up series for Amazon, "The After."

First, on the Hollywood News Banter, John Horn and I discuss:

- WGA diversity study shows no progress in Hollywood as it relates to the employment of female writers or writers of color.

- Glenn Beck plans to get into the feature film business.

- Yahoo! gets into the scripted content game...again.

Listen to the episode below! Or download it here.

Also, last Thursday, John and I did an extended talk for KCRW's Hollywood Breakdown about Glenn Beck's Hollywood plans:

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