Friday, May 23, 2014

KCRW's THE SPIN-OFF: May Post-Upfronts Edition (Listen Now!)

Hey gang, it's the latest edition of The Spin-Off, KCRW's monthly podcast about all things TV, hosted by yours truly! Go listen now... it's our post-upfronts edition, and this month Joe and I are joined by The Hollywood Reporter's Lacey Rose!

Here's what's on tap:
The broadcast TV networks -- most notably ABC -- have added several new shows starring African-American characters and created by African-American writer/producers. For a long time statistics have shown that African Americans watch more TV than other ethnic groups, so why are the networks only now embracing diversity on screen? Also, new comedies were picked up for series at the upfronts this year. Why so few, and why are the ones on the air not big hits? Finally, riffing off of a article, we consider why TV stars -- like Jon Hamm -- can’t launch a hit film.
Listen below:

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