Monday, June 02, 2014

A Tale of Two Cities: A Half-Paved Street Frustrates Residents at the L.A./Beverly Hills Border

LA Beverly Hills

KNBC heads to Gregory Way at the border of L.A. and Beverly Hills and finds a strange scene: A half-paved street. Straight down the middle, half of the street boasts fresh asphalt, while the other side is still riddled with potholes. Yep, the city border goes right down the center of the street.

This isn't exactly a new phenomenon. The same thing frequently happens on the Burton Way median, where the grass is routinely cut -- until you get to L.A., when weeds take over.

It's also not just an L.A. situation. I remember not too long ago, San Fernando Road in Glendale was neatly paved until you got to the border with Burbank -- where cracked asphalt and pot holes took over.

Here's the Channel 4 report:

(h/t to AJ!)

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Michael Ballard said...

I wasn't aware of this street. Do the block numbers at least match on each side? There is another street along the LA / BH border that is "worse". The paving isn't too bad. It is the street name that is the problem - Linda Vista and Cherokee.

Same physical street with different names and block numbers on each side. I posted photos on my site -

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