Tuesday, August 05, 2014

End of the Road for the 1927 Figueroa-Riverside Bridge


Activists had hoped to save the 1927 Figueroa-Riverside Bridge, but unfortunately failed. Above, you can see the replacement bridge, still under construction, while behind it the destruction of the old bridge continues. Some background from the L.A. Times here:
Neighborhood activists and architects had envisioned turning the old Riverside Drive span into a "bridging green space" through which bicyclists and pedestrians could cross the river. Architect Kevin Mulcahy, whose firm RAC Design Build laid out a plan for converting the bridge, described the proposed project as "the missing link" that would tie together initiatives to revive the riverfront.

The idea comes amid a flurry of plans to revitalize portions of the Los Angeles River, centering on a proposed $1- billion remake of an 11-mile stretch of the waterway just north of downtown.

Demolishing the old concrete and metal truss bridge is part of a replacement plan the City Council approved eight years ago. Backers of the proposal to preserve the bridge point out that the original plan called for a new bridge to be built where the current one stands. Instead, the new bridge is being built upstream.

A few more pics, taken last weekend as we rode our bikes along the river:



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