Monday, September 08, 2014

Rate-A-Restaurant #324/325: Sakura Cha-Ya and Fisherman's House Sushi (Oxnard)


Restaurant: Sakura Cha Ya and Fisherman's House Sushi

Location: 2810 South Harbor Boulevard (Oxnard)

Type of restaurant: Japanese and Sushi


We stipulated: We spent the night at the nearby Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort, and were looking for a nearby spot for a fast lunch. I saw the reviews for Sakura Cha-Ya, which touted its authentic curry and noodle dishes.

They stipulated: Both Sakura Cha-Ya and Fisherman's House are located in the same small food court setup. These are not a table service spots -- but that's what allowed us to try both.


What we ordered: Sakura Cha Ya -- tempura udon (2 shrimp and assorted vegetables, over rice, plus miso soup, salad and dessert; $8.95) and soba noodles ($5). Fisherman's House Sushi -- Combo plate of sushi (Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, California roll)


High point:  Good price for the sushi -- not bad quality for the mid-range price. And I enjoyed the soba noodles from Sakura Cha-Ya, once it finally arrived.

Low point:  And that brings us to the long wait we faced at Sakura Cha-Ya. The place wasn't crowded, yet we waited more than 30 minutes for our food. And when it came... it was sent to the wrong table. It took another 5 minutes for the employee to notice. The person who got the food promised up and down that she didn't touch it. I was dubious about that, but we were so hungry, we took it anyway. There was no offer of free dessert or anything to make up for our awkward wait.

Overall impression: I always like finding hole-in-the-wall joints with decent food. This weird food court came close, and it was located conveniently for folks staying at the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach.

Will we return: I could see us trying the sushi again if we were ever back in Oxnard... but we won't go out of our way.

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