Friday, October 10, 2014

Los Angeles Ad Town: Samuel L. Jackson in Century City

Ad town

In the latest spot for Capital One, Samuel L. Jackson and the extras around him are waaay too bundled up for Century City in October. Sam, it's 90 degrees outside!

Ad town

My co-workers and I use this bridge once a week to grab what we affectionately call "Crack Chicken" -- the huli hili Hawaiian BBQ chicken stand that attracts long lines. (It's good, although good enough to wait in line for 20 minutes is debatable).

Ad town

(Memo to Sam Rubin: This is not Laurence Fishburne.) The original plan for Century City called for many pedestrian bridges like this one; but most were never built.

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Benovite said...

Speaking Century City and KTLA, came across this gem: vintage KTLA 1965 program highlighting the birth of Century City.

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